Training on Selenium Webdriver

Selenium tool PDF: PDF Version Fast Information Assets Job Hunt Discussion Selenium tool is an open source application that’s utilized for testing computerization. It’s certified comes under License 20.. Selenium tool is a package of resources that assists in automating just net programs. This course provides you with an inRead More

What is the role played by a QA Tester?

Technicians of Quality Assurance performs different role which are very vital for a company. They need to test, debug and suggest the clarifications needed that ensures the quality of the company. QA is referred to administrative and procedural activities in a quality system in order to fulfill the services orRead More

Benefits and purposes of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays a vital role in developing products and services and analyzing them whether they are meeting their specified requirements. A Quality Assurance based company is said to have its own credibility and is said to increase customer’s confidence by improving the efficiency of work process. Empower the company toRead More

Quality Assurance in Practice

QA in medical industry: QA is very essential in the medical field because it helps to recognize the standards of medical equipments and services. Hospitals and laboratories make use of outside agencies in order to ensure standards for equipment such as X-ray machines, Diagnostic Radiology and AERB. QA in softwareRead More

Approaches to quality assurance

Failure testing: An important process to perform on a whole consumer product is failure testing or stress testing. In mechanical terms this is the process of a product until it fails, often under stresses such as increasing vibration, temperature, and humidity. This exposes many unexpected weaknesses in a product, andRead More

How to become a true and valued Software Testing Professional?

Today, organizations realized that, “Quality” plays a key role in providing positive impact on business results. Thus, most of the organizations started to improve the quality of IT services and products, which helps a lot in organizational growth. This created a great awareness about the significance of QA testing. ITRead More